Karlsbad in Brühl

The Karlsbad sauna park lives up to its reputation as a premier destination. Our three distinct types of saunas—the STUGA, MAA®, and SUURI® sauna—as well as the relaxation house with the fireplace room are all located inside the well-kept and quaint park area. The entire complex is constructed in the log style, contributing to its one-of-a-kind allure, together with the entrancing garden that promotes a sense of calm. The sauna park is seen in its most flattering light in the late afternoon and early evening, namely just after the sun has set. The park has a comfortable and secure ambiance thanks to the myriad of light sources. However, a significant number of our visitors also take pleasure in making themselves at home on one of the beach chairs, particularly on hot days, and going outdoors in the evening to take in the pleasant ambiance. Because the interior area and the park are located in close proximity to one another, you will only need to take a few steps to get from the sauna house to the indoor area (for example, to the foot bath or changing room) and to our cuisine.


KarlsBad Brühl
Kurfürstenstraße 40
50321 Brühl
Bundesland Nordrhein-Westfalen

Telefon: 02232 702270
Web: https://www.karlsbad-bruehl.de/

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